Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre

The Samiti is currently running 15 bedded Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre at Bharatpur, Rajasthan, namely Ujala Drug De-addiction Centre (Nasha Mukti Kendra). It was setup in the year 1998-99 with financial support of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI. It is serving nearby areas like Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Alwar, Dhaulpur, Dausa, Kota, Mathura (UP), Agra(UP), Firozabad(UP) etc. This center is working for awareness, screening, admission and rehabilitation for drug addiction victims in the hospital.

The organization has well settled office with all equipped and having experienced staff both technical & non technical. We are working to provide the whole range of community based services for the identification, motivation, counseling, de-addiction, after care and rehabilitation for Whole Person Recovery (WPR) of drug users to make a person drug free, crime free and gainfully employed. It is a reputation for its commitment to the cause of effective treatment of addiction/ alcoholism and awareness generation. We are committed to fight against the disease of drug addiction. There are various harms associated with use of addictive substances like physical, Psychological, Family/social, occupational/financial, legal etc. It is a syndrome with cluster of physiological, behavioral and psychological symptoms which develops after regular and prolonged use of a substance and in which use of that substance assumes a much higher importance for the individual as compared to other activities and behaviors. Our model of treatment is to focus on inpatient care, medical aspect of substance use disorder, motivational therapy, physical aspect, medicines and psychological treatment.

Our main focus is on Preventive Education and Awareness Generation, Identification of substance dependent persons for motivational counselling, Detoxification and Whole Person Recovery (WPR), Referral services, After-care and Follow-up, Care and support to families for co-dependence as well as rehabilitation through vocational training utilising local resources.

Advantages of Drug De-Addiction Treatment Centre

  1. For those struggling with a severe substance use disorder or addiction, inpatient rehab program has the highest rates of long-term success. Inpatient treatment program provide an environment with 24-hour care and thorough planning for the best ways to avoid relapse in the future.
  2. Being in a safe, comfortable and highly organized environment, Freedom from outside triggers, distractions or negative influences that may fuel substance abuse.
  3. Having medical professionals present to ensure health and safety during detox and throughout treatment.
  4. Being surrounded by a support system of fellow patients and counselors that provide encouragement throughout the treatment process.

Get The Help You Deserve

It’s important to know that you are not alone in your fight for sobriety. Contacting our treatment center is the first step toward regaining your life and living on your own terms. If you or someone you love is ready to check into an inpatient rehab. center, contact us. We can help in your treatment that is best suited for you.