Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centre

A mild substance abuse problem caught in the early phases can often be successfully treated in an outpatient rehab program. Outpatient rehab is an ideal option for people who are motivated to stop using their substance of choice, but require the flexibility of a program that will work around their schedules.

We are running Outreach and Drop in Centre (ODIC) at Jaipur Rajasthan, is providing in-depth addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment program on an outpatient basis. It often require individuals to attend multiple sessions that last for a few hours each week to participate in counseling services, relapse prevention education, and 12-step recovery support groups. This program is often recommended for individuals suffering from a mild-to-moderate substance use disorder that don’t require medically-supervised detox, individuals who have already attended inpatient rehab and want a step-down level of care, and people who have daily responsibilities or jobs that they cannot leave.
Our ODIC centre, Jaipur is providing free of cost medication for short term treatment to drug abuse and same time provide motivational therapy to the addicts to opioid antagonists, anti-craving and deterrent medications for treatment of substance use disorder. Also providing Counseling to individual, group and family to address the prevention and treatment of substance use. Other recreational and entertainment facilities like TV, music, movies, video games, carom, chess, musical instruments, spiritual sessions etc. are available to facilitate the environment. We are educating people and spreading awareness by organizing Camps, distributing pamphlets etc. in and around Jaipur area. Those patients requiring ancillary services are referred to other departments of the hospital and to NGOs for specific tests and treatments.
Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centre
For mild to moderate addictions, ODIC is usually an ideal treatment choice. This program is more accessible and flexible than an inpatient program.

Some of the biggest reasons to consider outpatient rehab include:

  1. Affordability. Because you’re able to live at home during outpatient treatment, you don’t have to pay the costs of lodging at an inpatient facility — making it more affordable than inpatient.
  2. Flexibility. Outpatient programs can usually work around your schedule. This is beneficial for those who feel like they can’t leave their job or family for an extended period of time.
  3. Access to family. Throughout the outpatient rehab program, family involvement and support is emphasized, as loved ones can help encourage you to stay on the path to sobriety.